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"I have had the pleasure of observing Samuel Thompson work with string students of all levels in the DC Youth Orchestra Program this past school year (2017-2018).  Mr. Thompson is a truly knowledgeable and inspiring instructor that was highly effective in varying capacities, including violin sectional coach, chamber music coach and private lesson instructor.  

"What stands out most about Mr. Thompson is his genuine interest in the students progress and the engaging way he achieves this goal.  In addition to sound pedagogy, Mr. Thompson helps the students connect musical concepts to relevant life experiences.  He encourages a high musical standard by example.

"I am a professional violinist with 4 children in the program.  Zara, my 8 year old daughter, was fortunate to have Mr. Thompson as her sectional coach.  She said in her first month with him, 'Mommy, he’s really good!'  The way Mr. Thompson connects with each students is unique and special and lends for an encouraging learning environment."
- Dr. Lisa Darby Walker, violinist and pedagogue


"Mr. Thompson taught my elementary school aged daughter violin for two years. He was kind, professional and supportive. By the end of our time together, he felt like part of our family. Mr. Thompson is gifted as a teacher and a performer—which is a rare combination indeed."

- Amy Roberts McLaughlin



"Mr. Thompson is a wonderful violin instructor. He brings a keen eye for technique, and fosters a culture of excellence. My child’s skills and musicality vastly improved under Mr. Thompson’s instruction. We highly recommend Mr. Thompson!"

- Sheila Chen-Lawrence

"Sam brings such a depth of insight about the music that put me completely at ease during our interview. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished article and felt he represented me and my CD so beautifully to the world!"
- Madeline Adkins, violinist and concertmaster, Utah Symphony Orchestra

"Samuel Thompson has a uniquely warm and open personality that allows for people to bring out their best; a quality we all surely need!"
- Holly Mulcahy, violinist and concertmaster, Wichita Symphony Orchestra


"Communicating with a writer, working on a remote basis, can leave a client feeling challenged, as face time is not an option usually. Working with Samuel Thompson as a designer of written identity is quality time and because of his artistic acumen, you can be assured that he 'gets' you. He adds a designers personal touch to each article written and I have been extremely pleased with the way he handled my public personas. Samuel creates outstanding, honest profiles for his clients. He is timely, professional, curious about the details, producing works with a high level of accuracy.

"Your identity will benefit from his service and my visibility has been boosted due to the strong sense of art aesthetics that he brings to his writing practice."

- Renée Baker:  Director, Chicago Modern Orchestra Project 

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